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Older soft-tissue sarcoma patients undergoing surgery derive greater benefit from radiotherapy than younger patients, according to a surprising analysis of more than 15,000 individuals.

While continuing to warn against use of laparoscopic power morcellators for the removal of uterus or uterine fibroids in most women, the FDA is allowing the marketing of a containment system for use with certain power morcellators to isolate tissue not suspected to be cancerous.

The tyrosine kinase inhibitor pazopanib appeared to have differing effects among different histologic subtypes of soft-tissue sarcoma, according to a new study conducted in Japan.

An analysis of randomized controlled trials in soft-tissue sarcoma over 40 years found that progression-free survival and response rate are reasonably well correlated with overall survival, and are thus acceptable surrogates to use.

A novel high-throughput screening assay was used to identify a number of compounds that could potentially offer therapeutic benefit in Ewing sarcoma.

A new study validated a prognostic nomogram for retroperitoneal sarcoma using a large, external cohort. The nomogram incorporates six variables, and provided strong concordance with observed disease-free and overall survival.

A phase I trial found that panobinostat combined with epirubicin is well tolerated and could offer benefit in patients with refractory sarcoma.


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