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Videos Breast Cancer

Videos Breast Cancer

This video reviews the latest trials and research on immunotherapeutic agents being tested in breast cancer.

This video highlights a novel scoring system using microRNA signatures that predicted poor overall survival and bone metastasis in patients with luminal A breast cancer.

This video examines the idea of using clinical features (age, tumor size) to reduce treatment burden in patients with HER2-positive breast cancer.

This video examines chemotherapy options for HER2-positive breast cancer in the adjuvant setting, and what evidence there is for alternatives to an anthracycline backbone.

This video with Stacy Moulder, MD, highlights efforts to identify various subtypes and molecular targets in triple-negative breast cancer, which could lead to treatment options with already approved agents.

This video examines a study that looked at whether aromatase inhibitors are associated with higher myocardial infarction risk in breast cancer patients.

This video examines findings from the International Breast Cancer Intervention Study (IBIS-1), which found that patients with menopause symptoms were less likely to continue long-term tamoxifen therapy.


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