Breast Cancer Screening With MRI for Survivors of Childhood Cancer
August 07, 2020

Jennifer M. Yeh, PhD, spoke about study findings which indicated that instituting annual breast cancer screening with MRI at ages 25 to 30 years may reduce breast cancer mortality by 50% or more in survivors of childhood cancer.

Jun J. Mao, MD, MSCE, on Next Steps in Acupuncture for Managing Pain in Cancer Survivors
July 27, 2020

Using acupuncture to help manage pain associated with cancer treatment, may offer additional tools to help manage function and quality of life in survivors, according to Jun J. Mao, MD, MSCE.

Fertility Preservation Shows Promise for Patients with Cancer
July 21, 2020

This long-term record of patients with cancer found that almost half of those who were newly diagnosed proceeded to fertility preservation and returned for follow-up within 21 months of cancer treatment.