Oncology NEWS International Vol 19 No 9

PSA test drives diagnosis within families

September 07, 2010

The brothers of men with prostate cancer face a higher disease risk because of increased diagnostic activity, and not necessarily because they carry a genetic mutation that increases risk of the disease, according to a Swedish study.

Zoledronic acid plus standard therapy offers anticancer effect in multiple myeloma

September 02, 2010

Combined with first-line chemotherapy, intravenous delivery therapy also confers a survival benefit over oral bisphosphonates. Gareth J. Morgan, MD, PhD, lead investigator of the Medical Research Council Myeloma IX study, will share additional trial results at ASH 2010.

Ipilimumab put on fast track by FDA

September 01, 2010

Ipilimumab has received FDA priority review status, according to Bristol-Myers Squibb. The review will focus on use of the drug in adult patients with previously treated advanced melanoma.

Bone marrow procedures move into the 21st century

September 01, 2010

More than 700,000 biopsies are performed in the U.S. every year, but the technology has not always kept pace with cancer diagnosis and therapy. A new technique allows rapid and easy access to the marrow space.