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How arduous is it to transform a typical practice into a community oncology medical home? Let’s compare the characteristics of the ideal community oncology medical home as defined by Innovative Oncology Business Solutions with our practice’s current habits.

Former President Jimmy Carter, who is being treated for metastatic malignant melanoma, announced that a follow-up scan revealed that four brain metastases were gone. Several headlines described the president as being “cancer free,” a choice of words that must be interpreted with caution.

Finding personal interests to discuss with your patient won’t make it all better. but it only takes a moment to find a sliver of common ground­, something to make you two humans trying to fix a problem.

Oncologists, whether they like it or not, must develop some psychological skills if they ever hope to master the art of caring for people living with cancer.

No matter how much education my staff and I participate in, we will never cover every single possible adverse event that an individual may experience. And in some cases, when a patient can't explain their symptoms, we can be at a loss as to how to help them.

We present an end-of-summer list of must-reads, covering everything from the history of cancer to environmental destruction to the upcoming sixth extinction.

The high cost of new cancer treatments is both ridiculous and unsustainable, but be careful when fighting “greed” by calls for regulation and price controls.


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