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I find it difficult to put a price tag on what I do. It is mainly a thinking profession we are in, though in recent years it has become more like data entry!

Survivorship is very much about lifestyle factors. Diet, exercise, weight control, and alcohol use must be part of our conversation each visit. Patients must see these as part of our “prescription” for their cancer treatment.

After a long session of office hours the other day that can be best described as an amateur rendition of a three-ring circus, I had a strange epiphany: Hospitals are making it more difficult for me to get my work done.

As the dawn of the New Year begins, perhaps it would be prudent to look back and chronicle a few selected teaching moments from 2013 that might have slipped past us.

Before you invite people over to your house, you prepare, right? Get things straightened up, get the food and drink ready, clean up.

It is difficult for me to reconcile such diametrically opposed views of the value of screening in our lives, with some researchers suggesting that no women should undergo breast cancer screening, regardless of age.

Some patients go through the end of treatment without a hint of emotional distress. But for many others, ending acute treatment becomes an emotional “pothole” on the cancer journey.


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