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Given the limited data, where, if anywhere, does ginger fit into prevention of nausea and vomiting in patients receiving chemotherapy?

Meetings like SABCS that bring together scientists, medical professionals, and patients are essential to achieving improved outcomes in the clinic. I am grateful to all who organize and attend this event and humbled to participate.

A study was done that showed a video of patients with advanced Alzheimer disease to newly diagnosed dementia patients. Those who watched the videos were far more likely to make decisions against feeding tubes or other aggressive interventions. In this age of GoPro cameras and video capabilities on nearly every phone, are we behind the times?

Her recent history was marked by a rather rapid decline over the past 2 months. Long dormant melanoma now spread widely. Her family filled the room. She sat there, still, eyes closed, the pale yellow of advanced liver failure painted on every inch of her body.

In the field of oncology, we are fortunate to possess a vast and ever-expanding trove of knowledge, and we now have a sufficient foundation of knowledge in many cancers to afford ourselves the luxury of striving to seek wisdom as well.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a magical time that brings out the child in each of us. You can keep your Santa Claus and your Tooth Fairy, I believe in the warm and fuzzy feeling of breast cancer awareness.

Oncologists should be experts at farewells. I often write a note of condolence if I have not made personal contact with the patient or family close to the time of death.


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