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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

The accuracy of interpreting a breast cancer screening mammogram is not diminished as clinicians get toward the end of a session.

Twenty-five–year results of a Swedish study found that 2 years of adjuvant tamoxifen provides a long-term survival benefit in premenopausal women with estrogen receptor–positive breast cancer.

There is significant interest in investigating immunotherapeutic strategies to be used for the treatment of breast cancer patients. One form of immunotherapy under active investigation is the cancer vaccine. Vaccines are a form of active immune therapy designed to stimulate the immune system to recognize tumor cells as foreign.

Perhaps we can now hope that primary immunoprevention of cancers that are engaged as people age may receive the attention, support, and legitimacy that will soon result in similar breakthrough stature.

The KEYNOTE-012 trial shows that pembrolizumab has activity and acceptable toxicity as single-agent therapy in advanced triple-negative breast cancer.

Cognitive behavioral therapy may reduce long-term memory-related issues linked to chemotherapy treatment in cancer survivors.

In this interview we discuss results of the PlanB trial, which showed that use of the 21-gene recurrence score, Oncotype DX, can identify patients with early breast cancer who likely do not need chemotherapy.


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