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Cancer Complications

Cancer Complications

Thromboprophylaxis with oral apixaban was similar to subcutaneous enoxaparin with regard to safety outcomes in women undergoing surgery for suspected gynecologic malignancies.

A study found that several disease- and treatment-specific factors are associated with an increased risk of near misses or safety incidents in patients undergoing radiation therapy.

A substantial portion of emergency department visits by patients undergoing cancer treatment may be preventable, and those potentially preventable visits account for a high percentage of the emergency department visit costs.

Men with painful bone metastases from prostate cancer may be able to achieve clinically meaningful improvements in pain and quality of life as early as 10 days after undergoing radiotherapy.

Patients participating in cancer clinical trials were willing and able to report symptomatic adverse events and reported more events than investigators did.

The antioxidant sodium thiosulfate protects children and adolescents against cisplatin-induced hearing loss without any added serious adverse effects, according to a randomized study.

Here, we discuss the etiologies, prevention, and management of cardiac toxicities in cancer survivors, considering cancer-related, treatment-related, and patient-related risks and effects. Programs in place to address cardiovascular risk factors in cancer survivors are highlighted.


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