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Integrative Oncology

Integrative Oncology

Given the limited data, where, if anywhere, does ginger fit into prevention of nausea and vomiting in patients receiving chemotherapy?

In our commentary, we will address ways to consider this research across the cancer continuum, with a focus on the cancer survivor, highlighting some of the challenges in interpreting the research evidence for translation into clinical practice and noting some research gaps.

Exercise and physical activity are beneficial along the spectrum of care in cancer patients. However, much more research is needed to better understand this association and guide recommendations for patients.

This article will review these intersections of exercise and oncology, discuss the known mechanisms by which exercise exerts its salutary effects, and touch upon the future directions of exercise research in the oncology setting. Finally, recommendations are provided for clinicians to help patients with and without cancer take advantage of the benefits of physical activity.

Clinical hypnosis has been defined as a mind-body therapy that involves a deeply relaxed state, individualized mental imagery, and therapeutic suggestion.

Let’s be clear. Loving support is an important component of compassionate care. Promising miracles is not.

If doctors were trained in communication skills, then quackery would diminish greatly. When you are told what day you are going to die and all hope is taken away, why not seek alternative therapies?


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