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Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

ALK-targeting agents such as crizotinib may work most effectively in lung cancer patients with ALK variant 1.

In this article, we review the available literature addressing the competing treatment strategies in EGFR-Positive Lung Cancer and attempt to clarify best treatment practices, including the emerging role of T790M-directed therapies.

Cancer cells undergo accelerated evolutionary changes; thus, under the pressure of novel generations of EGFR TKIs, we should expect to see new mechanisms of resistance.

Two parts of a phase I trial found that nivolumab could be a good first-line treatment option for patients with advanced non–small-cell lung cancer.

The FGFR inhibitor dovitinib showed modest efficacy in a phase II trial of patients with pretreated, advanced squamous cell lung cancer with FGFR1 amplification

The use of hemithoracic pleural IMRT after chemotherapy could become part of a new lung-sparing therapy in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma.

Alectinib yielded significantly prolonged progression-free survival compared with crizotinib in ALK-positive NSCLC patients, according to results of a Japanese open-label trial.


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