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Immunotherapy Combination Active in Advanced Melanoma

Treatment with nivolumab and ipilimumab in patients with advanced melanoma produced significantly higher rates of response and progression-free survival compared with ipilimumab alone.


Today the FDA approved the PD-1 inhibitor nivolumab (Opdivo) as a single-agent frontline treatment for patients with BRAF wild-type advanced melanoma.

The novel immunotherapy combination of epacadostat plus pembrolizumab shows promising clinical activity in advanced melanoma patients.

A combination of cobimetinib and vemurafenib prolongs overall survival in melanoma patients with BRAF V600 mutations.

A combination of pembrolizumab and low-dose ipilimumab appears to be active and to have a better safety profile than a combination of nivolumab and full-dose ipilimumab in advanced melanoma patients.

Early results from an ongoing trial suggest that pembrolizumab has promising activity in untreated melanoma patients with brain metastases.

Older men are more likely to be diagnosed with multiple primary melanomas and have worse cutaneous malignant melanoma–specific survival than men with a single primary melanoma.

Nivolumab alone or in combination with ipilimumab are promising treatment options for patients with mucosal melanoma, according to a new study.


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