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Oncology Pulse

Oncology Pulse

With Oncology PulseCancer Network takes a unique look at the world of oncology, offering reports on practice trends, snapshots of physician lifestyles, and more.

Oncology Pulse

With some analyses warning of an impending oncologist shortage, are we truly approaching a point of critical need? Are practice extenders such as advanced practitioners the best solution to fill that gap or are there other options?

A Florida doctor was sentenced to serve nearly 6 years in prison for a variety of charges relating to her use of fraudulent medications to treat cancer patients.

Computed tomography (CT) screening for lung cancer could lead to increased rates of smoking cessation in a high-risk population, with this “teachable moment” extending even to those with negative scan results.

Are flexible hours or patient caseloads your biggest concern? Or is your practice setting what matters most?

In our latest ongoing cartoon series set in the world of oncology and cancer care, a radiologist uncovers a known risk factor.

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