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Reviews and Perspectives for the Practicing Oncologist
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Defining Value in Radiation Oncology: Approaches to Weighing Benefits vs Costs

Andre A. Konski

Value in its essence is preference or outcome divided by cost, or described in terms of a mathematical equation, value = outcome (preference)/cost. It follows, then, that value is increased by holding outcome constant and reducing cost, or by improving outcome while holding cost constant.


April 2017 Table of Contents

Volume 31 | Number 4

Molecular Testing to Optimize and Personalize Decision Making in the Management of Colorectal Cancer
Marwan Al-Hajeili, Anthony F. Shields, Jimmy J. Hwang, et al

PARP Inhibitors: The Cornerstone of DNA Repair–Targeted Therapies
Jaydira del Rivero and Elise C. Kohn

How Can We Effectively Address the Medical and Psychological Concerns of Survivors of Pelvic Malignancies?
Ramiro Jose Madden-Fuentes, Bridget F. Koontz, Michael R. Harrison, et al

Defining Value in Radiation Oncology: Approaches to Weighing Benefits vs Costs
Andre A. Konski

Commentary: Defining the Value Research Agenda in Radiation Oncology

Comorbidity Consult

How to Address Sexual Problems in Female Cancer Patients
Eleonora P. Preti, Fabio Landoni, Nicoletta Colombo, and Don S. Dizon

Clinical Quandaries

Synchronous Bilateral Breast Cancer With Discordant Histology
Mehmet Sitki Copur, Ryan Ramaekers, Dron Gauchan, et al


Treating the Patient, Not the Disease: Fred Schiffman on Humanism in Medicine


Julie VoseJulie M. Vose, MDUniversity of Nebraska Medical School Omaha, Nebraska
Editor-in-Chief, ONCOLOGY
Nora JanjanNora Janjan, MD, MPSA, MBA Senior Fellow for Healthcare Policy, National Center for Policy Analysis
Editor-in-Chief, ONCOLOGY
William C. Wood, MDWilliam C. Wood, MD Department of Surgery, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia
Editor-in-Chief, ONCOLOGY
Nancy E. Davidson, MDNancy E. Davidson, MD University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania UPMC CancerCenter, Pittsburgh
Editor-in-Chief, ONCOLOGY


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