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In this interview, we discuss symptom self-management strategies reported by adolescents and young adults with cancer, including some of the most common symptoms affecting this patient population and effective self-management techniques.

Nurses need to be able to provide self-care to themselves because compassion fatigue can have negative physical, psychosocial, and spiritual effects.

As part of our coverage of ONS, we discuss dermatologic issues in oncology patients, including skin-related toxicities and assessment techniques used to identify skin-related issues.

As part of our coverage of ONS we discuss the role of oncology nurses in pain management, how pain management has become more complex in recent years, and review some of the most important things to remember when involved in a complex pain management case.

In this interview we discuss results of the PlanB trial, which showed that use of the 21-gene recurrence score, Oncotype DX, can identify patients with early breast cancer who likely do not need chemotherapy.

In this interview we discuss the effect of breast cancer treatments on fertility and the role oncologists can play in facilitating fertility care for their patients.

In this interview we discuss predictive biomarkers and response to immune checkpoint inhibitors for urothelial tumors, which include tumors of the bladder, ureters, and the renal pelvis.


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