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Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology

We know that breast cancer represents a spectrum of diseases, with variation in prognosis, and that RT can range from highly complex treatments to the breast and regional lymph nodes, to complete avoidance of radiation.

To paraphrase a deep philosophical question: if an important, long-awaited phase III prospective randomized trial from Europe is published and no one pays attention, does it make a sound?

The use of radiotherapy was associated with an overall survival benefit in patients with prostate cancer and lymph node involvement who underwent radical prostatectomy and were also treated with androgen-deprivation therapy.

A recent retrospective study found that adding chemotherapy to postoperative treatment of craniospinal radiation for adults with medulloblastoma improves survival.

A new study showed that a 24-gene signature can predict outcomes following postoperative radiotherapy in patients with prostate adenocarcinoma who underwent radical prostatectomy.

A study presented last month at ASTRO found that a boost of radiation therapy following lumpectomy in DCIS patients resulted in reduced rates of local recurrence.

A study presented last month at ASTRO found that better radiation outcomes for head and neck cancer were associated with higher facility volume.


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