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Higher than average PSA levels in middle age may be predictive of a higher risk of lethal prostate cancer later in life.

The UK Lung Cancer Screening Trial found that a low-dose CT screening program targeting high-risk individuals can find lung cancer at early stages.

The accuracy of interpreting a breast cancer screening mammogram is not diminished as clinicians get toward the end of a session.

The use of a noninvasive colorectal cancer screening test called a multi-target stool DNA test (mt-sDNA) detected the disease in patients who had previously avoided more invasive screening procedures.

A new study found that half of women age 40 to 44 evaluated at an academic practice qualified for annual mammography screening for breast cancer.

Using simulation modeling, researchers found that PSA screening can be cost-effective if men with low-risk prostate cancer do not undergo treatment and if clinicians use restrictive criteria to make a decision to biopsy.

People at high-risk for lung cancer with a clean annual low-dose CT scan had a lower incidence of lung cancer and a lower risk of dying from lung cancer compared with all high-risk participants undergoing screening.


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