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New breast cancer screening guidelines from the American Cancer Society recommend pushing the start of screening back by 5 years and screening every other year rather than annually starting at age 55.

An analysis of different breast cancer screening schedules suggests that biennial mammograms may be acceptable for postmenopausal women, but that premenopausal women likely need more frequent screening.

A new study found that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) screening improved the detection of small, high-grade breast cancers in women with average risk.

A payment system for colonoscopies offering full insurance coverage at low-priced facilities and cost sharing at high-priced alternatives reduced spending with no increase in complications.

Using simulation modeling, researchers found that higher adenoma detection rates were linked with lower lifetime colorectal cancer incidence and mortality.

PSA-based screening for prostate cancer among men older than 50 has decreased since the 2012 USPSTF recommendations.

A prospective study found that a bronchial airway gene-expression classifier improved the diagnostic performance of bronchoscopy for lung cancer detection.


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