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Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Cancer

The US Preventive Services Task Force recently issued an updated statement recommending against screening for thyroid cancer in asymptomatic adults.

In this interview we discuss a study that found that survivors of thyroid cancer diagnosed with the disease at a young age had an increased risk of late effects from therapy.

Preoperative testing of thyroid nodules for RAS mutations showed that nodules that tested positive for HRAS and NRAS were associated with a substantial risk for cancer.

Patient age was found to be significantly associated with mortality from papillary thyroid cancer in a linear fashion with no apparent age cut point.

Undergoing a lobectomy for thyroid nodules suspicious for papillary thyroid cancer on fine-needle aspiration was more cost effective and was associated with greater effectiveness compared with total thyroidectomy.

Identifying certain characteristics of BRAF-positive and RAS-positive thyroid cancers may help define a molecular profile for the disease.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s experience shows that selected patients with low-risk papillary thyroid cancer can safely defer surgery in favor of active surveillance.


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