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Oncology Nursing Gynecologic Cancers

Oncology Nursing Gynecologic Cancers

New research suggests that hypertension and diabetes and the use of medications to treat these conditions may influence the survival of ovarian cancer patients.

Combined pelvic radiation therapy and intrauterine brachytherapy are frequently administered for locally advanced cervical and vaginal cancer.

Until recently, the most common way to stage endometrial cancer was through surgical staging. Lymphadenectomy required removing large amounts of tissue to find impacted nodes.

No matter what side of the aisle you sit on, no matter who you voted for and putting all things political aside, I think most of us as healthcare providers want only the best for our patients.

A study out of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health published results of a study evaluating the United States mortality rate associated with cervical cancer and what they found is concerning, especially for older and black wome

We all know the devastating effects of ovarian cancer on women globally. With the amount of women being diagnosed with or dying from the disease each year, it is clear that more drugs need to be approved for its treatment.


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