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Oncology Nursing Gynecologic Cancers

Oncology Nursing Gynecologic Cancers

The number of women who undergo regular screening for cervical cancer drops as they get older, and while this is acceptable if women have been followed regularly until the age of 65 years, women who are not up to date with screening should be screened when they are older.

Women undergoing robotic surgery procedures for gynecologic cancers and nonmalignant conditions report more patient education needs than those undergoing traditional laparotomy.

Researchers evaluated cervical cancer screening rates in the severely mentally ill enrolled in California’s Medicaid program and noted lower than average rates in this population.

New research suggests that hypertension and diabetes and the use of medications to treat these conditions may influence the survival of ovarian cancer patients.

Combined pelvic radiation therapy and intrauterine brachytherapy are frequently administered for locally advanced cervical and vaginal cancer.

Until recently, the most common way to stage endometrial cancer was through surgical staging. Lymphadenectomy required removing large amounts of tissue to find impacted nodes.


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