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Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Active surveillance is an excellent alternative to surgery or radiation in patients with low-risk cancers. However, the current methods of ascertaining whether a patient harbors a low-risk cancer are flawed.

Among cancer patients with bone metastases, administration of zoledronic acid every 12 weeks did not increase the risk of skeletal events over 2 years compared with the standard dosing of every 4 weeks.

An increasing percentage of men over the age of 75 who are diagnosed with prostate cancer have distant metastases at the time of diagnosis, according to a new study.

Vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy with padeliporfin was significantly better than active surveillance over a 2-year period in men with low-risk localized prostate cancer.

Long-term follow-up showed no reduction in prostate cancer mortality with yearly prostate-specific antigen testing.

The use of radiotherapy was associated with an overall survival benefit in patients with prostate cancer and lymph node involvement who underwent radical prostatectomy and were also treated with androgen-deprivation therapy.

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