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Advances in Breast Imaging

October 9th 2009

Question 1: Breast cancer remains among the most frequent diagnoses of cancer in women in the United States. Importantly research indicates that deaths due to breast cancer are decreasing, in part due to advances in treatment and earlier detection. Could you please comment about the advances in breast cancer imaging that have helped to facilitate earlier detection?Question 2: Could you briefly comment on the role of each of these modalities used in breast imaging?A. X-Ray mammography (digital and film screen)B. UltrasoundC. Molecular imagingD. Breast-specific gamma imagingQuestion 3: Could you please discuss indications for breast-specific gamma imaging and the clinical data to support these indications?Question 4: Are you able to cite an example as to how you used breast-specific gamma imaging in the clinic?Question 5: Could you please discuss the role of imaging in staging and treating breast cancer most appropriately? Is there new or novel technology that oncologists should be aware of when imaging is used for optimal visualization to assist in staging a woman diagnosed with breast cancer?Question 6: In your own clinical experience, what advances have you witnessed in breast imaging, particularly in regard to breast cancer, over the past 5 years?Question 7: Do you have any final comments you would like to make to our audience about advances or trends in breast imaging as it pertains to women with breast cancer?