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Patients Aged 70 or Older With Esophageal or EGJ Cancers Should Be Evaluated for Optimal Curative Therapy
February 28, 2021

Data from the Journal of the American College of Surgeons suggest patients 70 years or older with esophageal or esophagogastric junction cancers should be evaluated for optimal curative therapy.

Model Provides Template for High-Income & Emerging Economies to Plan Cancer Surgery Provision
February 21, 2021

Investigators suggested that a new model could be used to identify service gaps at the population level after adjusting to the important local variations in cancer epidemiology.

Retrospective Analysis Using Social Vulnerability Index Highlights At Risk Populations Following Surgery
February 19, 2021

“Patients from socially vulnerable communities had the most difficulty achieving a postoperative course without a complication, and they were the most likely to have an extended length of stay. These patients are in double and triple jeopardy,” said senior author Timothy Pawlik, MD.