Larotrectinib Trial Yields Promising Real-World Findings in TRK Fusion–Positive Disease
July 05, 2022

Patients with TRK fusion–positive disease experienced promising survival outcomes following treatment with larotrectinib vs standard of care.

Supplemental New Drug Application Submitted in Japan for Trastuzumab Deruxtecan in HER2-Low Breast Cancer
July 05, 2022

Patients with HER2-low unresectable or recurrent breast cancer in Japan could receive treatment with trastuzumab deruxtecan in the future if the newly submitted supplemental new drug application for this indication is approved.

Steven J. Chmura, MD, PhD, Compares Addition of Metastases-Directed Therapy vs SOC Alone for Oligometastatic Breast Cancer
July 05, 2022

Steven J. Chmura, MD, PhD, discussed recent findings from the phase 2R/3 NRG-BR002 trial in patients with newly diagnosed oligometastatic breast cancer.

Oncology Peer Review On-The-Go: Paolo Tarantino, MD, and Sara Tolaney, MD, Review Data in the Treatment of Breast Cancer at 2022 ASCO
July 05, 2022

Paolo Tarantino, MD, and Sara M. Tolaney, MD, MPH, spoke with CancerNetwork® about highlights from 2022 ASCO in breast cancer research.

Xiuning Le, MD, PhD, Discusses Who May Benefit Most From Tepotinib in Advanced NSCLC
July 04, 2022

Xiuning Le, MD, PhD, spoke about which patients with advanced non–small cell lung cancer with high MET-amplification could benefit most from tepotinib based on molecular markers.

Recap: Fellows at MSK and Moffitt ‘Face Off’ to Discuss Treatment Strategies in Older Patients With ALL
July 04, 2022

In a new series from CancerNetwork®, 2 teams of fellows from leading institutions go head-to-head to debate the latest datasets and advances in acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Shubham Pant, MD, Highlights the Potential of ELI-002 2P to Treat MRD in KRAS-Mutant Solid Malignancies
July 04, 2022

Shubham Pant, MD, spoke to the potential of ELI-002 2P as a treatment for minimal residual disease positivity in patients with KRAS-mutant solid tumors.

Benjamin Cooper, MD, Remarks on Future Analyses of TAK-676 Plus Pembrolizumab in Solid Tumors Undergoing Radiation
July 03, 2022

Benjamin Cooper, MD, discussed potential future studies exploring TAK-676 plus pembrolizumab after radiation for those with solid tumors.

Recap: Utility of ctDNA to Manage Adjuvant Therapy in CRC
July 03, 2022

Stacy A. Cohen, MD, and Mark Lewis, MD, review results from the GALAXY study on circulating tumor DNA dynamics in CRC.

Roger Li, MD, Examines the Safety Profile of CG0070 Plus Pembrolizumab in BCG-Unresponsive NMIBC
July 02, 2022

Roger Li, MD, spoke about the safety profile of CG0070 plus pembrolizumab for patients with non–muscle invasive bladder cancer.