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Profilin 1 Protein and Its Implications for Cancers
July 15, 2021

Profilin 1, or PFN1, is a key actin-binding protein that is involved in various cellular activities, such as cell motility, survival, and membrane trafficking. By summarizing the functions of PFN1 in cancer, investigators hope to better understand the mechanisms of PFN1 in cancer progression.

Larotrectinib Is Efficacious and Tolerable in NTRK-Fusion Positive CNS Tumors
June 07, 2021

Data from 2 clinical trials proved that larotrectinib is efficacious and safe in treating adults and children with NTRK fusion-positive central nervous system cancers.

Pediatric Patients With RET-Altered Tumors Experience Tumor Responses With Selpercatinib
June 07, 2021

Evidence of preliminary activity was noted with the use of the RET inhibitor selpercatinib in pediatric patients with solid tumors harboring RET alterations.