Oncology Vol 28 No 6

Fractionation in Breast Cancer Radiotherapy for Conservative Treatment: Are We Really Done Learning?

June 15, 2014

There is a need to learn more about the effect of hypofractionation on an individual patient’s breast cancer outcomes and tissue toxicities, based on both biologic and technical variables, so that the treatment decision is not primarily a matter of dollars and cents.

Cardiovascular Toxicity of Newer Chemotherapeutic Agents: The Heart of the Matter

June 15, 2014

Standard heart failure regimens remain the mainstay of therapy for chemotherapy-related cardiac dysfunction until newer randomized trials suggest otherwise, and earlier detection of toxicity through judicious surveillance with biomarkers and noninvasive imaging remains the cornerstone of management for the foreseeable future.

Cardiovascular Toxicity of Biologic Agents for Cancer Therapy

June 15, 2014

This review will focus on newer FDA-approved targeted therapies associated with type II chemotherapy-related cardiac dysfunction, or generally reversible cardiotoxicity, and will provide the latest information on the incidence and clinical spectrum of cardiotoxicity associated with each therapy, modifiable risk factors where known, and the mechanisms of cardiotoxicity.