ONCOLOGY Vol 8 No 11 | Oncology

External Beam Radiotherapy for Metastatic Cancer

November 01, 1994

Palliation of bone metastases aims at relief of pain, preservation of function, and maintenance of skeletal integrity. Analgesics relieve pain but do not arrest or reverse the disease process. Chemotherapy is

A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Management of Patients With Metastatic Disease to the Bone

November 01, 1994

The American Cancer Society estimates that 383,000 The American Cancer Society estimates that 383,000 Americans willbe diagnosed with prostatic or breast cancer in 1994.[1] Manyof these individuals will develop painful bony metastases. Asclinicians, it is imperative that we seek out the most

Metastatic Prostate Cancer: Quality of Life and Cost Considerations

November 01, 1994

The pharmacoeconomics of patient managementis important in the case of the critically ill. Pain palliationand improvements to quality of life are treatment goals for patientswith metastatic prostate cancer and can actually

Chemotherapeutic Approaches in Advanced Prostate Cancer

November 01, 1994

Neuroendocrine differentiation has been foundin 50% to 100% of prostate neoplasms of all stages. Furthermore,10% of prostatic tumors are extensively or fully differentiated.Thus, neuroendocrine-specific

Questions and Answers

November 01, 1994

Following the formal presentations at this conference, the floorwas thrown open to questions from the audience. Following areselected questions and answers that were deemed of particularclinical relevance.

Case Reports: A Roundtable Discussion

November 01, 1994

Attendees at this conference, held during the annual meetingof the American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology,were presented with nine case reports and asked how they wouldmanage each patient. The panel

Hormonal Approaches in the Treatment of Bony Metastases

November 01, 1994

Hormonal therapy for prostate cancer designedto reduce testosterone levels has been employed for decades andprovides objective remission rates of 40% to 60% and subjectiveresponse rates of 60% to 85%. Orchiectomy, as

Use of Strontium-89 in Metastatic Cancer: US and UK Experience

September 30, 1994

The utility of strontium-89 (Sr-89) in thetreatment of advanced metastatic prostate cancer has been examinedin numerous clinical trials. Early phase II efficacy studies demonstratedthat the majority of Sr-89-treated patients