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Submission Guidelines

All manuscripts must be submitted to

Requirements for all submissions generally should conform to the “Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals.”

To facilitate our peer review process, each manuscript must include both a blinded and unblinded version of the title page which includes the following:

  • Manuscript title
  • Full names of each author, followed by their highest academic degree (unblinded title page, only)
  • Institutional affiliations for each author at the time the work was completed (unblinded title page, only)
  • Name, address, telephone, fax, and email information of the corresponding author (unblinded title page, only)
  • Indication of the funding source if applicable (including grant numbers, grant agencies, corporations, or sponsors)
  • Number of pages, references, figures, and tables
  • Word count (excluding references, tables, and figures)

By submitting your manuscript, you hereby guarantee that: 1) all sources used have been cited and listed in the references section; and 2) all necessary permissions have been obtained and credit properly given for content (ie, text and graphical items such as tables and figures) used in whole or part in the manuscript/eAppendix not considered to be original work.

To access a complete version of the ONCOLOGY® guidelines for authors, please visit the following link: 

Oncology Author Guidelines.pdf