Oncologist Compensation Survey 2011

OncologyONCOLOGY Vol 25 No 14
Volume 25
Issue 14

Find out how your compensation, bonuses, and benefits compare to your peers. Data exclusive to CancerNetwork.

Health reform is supposed to emphasize healthcare quality when it comes to physician income, as a counterweight against patient volume. But while physicians wait for that concept to manifest in actual payment-model changes, volume continues to be a crucial factor in your compensation, as it is the most logical reaction to decreasing reimbursement and increasing overhead. Within these slides find data on how physicians are faring right now, culled from our survey of more than 1,700 doctors in every specialty. Once you’ve seen the data, don't forget to check out our article for further guidance on how to cope with shifting reimbursement while maintaining your own income in the meantime.

Twenty-two percent of oncologists report that their personal income dropped more than 10 percent in 2011.

Overhead ratios in oncology practices are quite varied, ranging from 31 to over 71 percent of medical revenue.

Thirty-three percent of oncologists describe their financial viability as "shaky," and oncologists are more likely than other specialists studied to consider joining an ACO or other partnership in the near future.

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