Oncology Peer Review On-The-Go: The Psychological Aspect of Patients in Phase 1 Clinical Trials


The latest episode of Oncology Peer Review On-The-Go explores an article from the September issue of the journal ONCOLOGY regarding the psychological states of patients enrolling in phase 1 clinical trials.

This episode of “Oncology Peer Review On-The-Go” features an article published in the September issue of the journal ONCOLOGY. The article is titled “Screening for Phase 1 Clinical Trials: An Opportunity to Evaluate Psychological States and Re-educate Patients on Prognosis?” It was written by Sarah Moreland, MD, and Shiraj Sen, MD, PhD, and focuses on the physician-patient communication and the psychosocial impact of cancer diagnoses on patients. For more information regarding the article, CancerNetwork spoke with Dr. Moreland from the Medical Center of Aurora.

For the article’s response perspective, CancerNetwork spoke with Daniel McFarland, DO, of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center about the physician-patient relationship and the importance of clear communication throughout the clinical trial process.

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