Tzvia Bader on the TrialJectory Clinical Trial Tool


The chief executive officer and co-founder of TrialJectory spoke about the online tool and what it offers for patients, providers, and pharmaceutical companies.

An online platform has been developed to give patients, providers, and pharmaceutical companies transparency into cancer-specific clinical trial options.

The artificial intelligence tool, titled TrialJectory, answers important questions that should be considered before joining a clinical trial with the hope of encouraging more patients to actively advocate for themselves and seek possible treatment options.

“We use advanced AI algorithms over governmental databases of clinical trials to provide accurate and up-to-date matches for cancer patients,” the developers wrote.

A cancer survivor herself, Tzvia Bader, chief executive officer and co-founder of TrialJectory, also developed the platform to give pharmaceutical companies transparency into patients’ wants and needs with regard to studies’ initial eligibility requirements during pre-screening, allowing companies to put immediate action plans in place to address patient concerns and avoid flawed data.

In an interview with CancerNetwork®, Bader discussed the development of the AI tool and how she foresees the platform growing moving forward.

This segment comes from the CancerNetwork® portion of the MJH Life Sciences Medical World News, airing daily on all MJH Life Sciences channels.


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