Bernard A. Fox, PhD | Authors

Commentary (Fox)-Melanoma Vaccines: What We Know So Far

January 01, 2005

Drs. Bystryn and Reynoldspresent an overview of melanomavaccines, including atheoretical rationale to support the approach,criteria for an effective vaccine,and a discussion of the challengesto optimal vaccine design. Results ofclinical trials where vaccine-inducedimmune responses correlated withimproved clinical outcome are discussed,as well as limitations of monitoringvaccine-induced immuneresponses. A series of randomized, concurrentlycontrolled trials with complex,polyvalent whole-cell vaccines,extracts, lysates, or shed antigens arereviewed. The authors conclude thatmelanoma vaccines' "potentially mostsignificant application" may be the preventionof melanoma in individuals athigh risk of developing the disease.Their review discusses the generallyaccepted rationale for selecting vaccineantigens and does a thoughtfuljob of reviewing the current state ofcomplex melanoma vaccines.