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Is Axillary Dissection Always Indicated in Invasive Breast Cancer?

October 01, 1997

It is not often that a reviewer agrees entirely with material presented in an article. I find myself in the happy situation of largely agreeing with the basic thrust of this interesting report by Chadha and Axelrod. They begin by describing the increased incidence of breast cancer over the recent decade, but do not mention that since 1990 there has actually been a decreased incidence of breast cancer.[1] In retrospect, it has become clear that the statistical increase in breast cancer during the 1980s was an artifact of extensive mammographic screening, which caught the initial appearance of disease earlier and artificially created a temporary surge of cases that has since abated.[2]

Commentary (Cady): Management of Papillary Thyroid Cancer

February 01, 1995

Dr. Vassilopoulou-Sellin begins her discussion advocating near total thyroidectomy with post-operation radiation iodine ablation for most patients. This is a thesis that can be questioned in terms of the numerous studies in recent years about risk