Charles Blanke, MD | Authors

Current Status of Adjuvant Therapy for Colorectal Cancer

May 01, 2004

Dr. O’Connell has done a remarkablejob of discussingmodalities available for patientswith intermediate- to high-riskfully resected large bowel malignancies.Indeed, the title “Current Statusof Adjuvant Therapy for ColorectalCancer” is an underestimate of thearticle’s contents, as he nicely detailsthe past development of standard-ofcareadjuvant (and neoadjuvant, whenappropriate) treatments as well. As isclearly pointed out in the article, adjuvanttherapy works. Adding fluorouracil(5-FU) with or without radiationto surgery already saves thousandsof lives each year, and the enticing possibilityof throwing newer chemotherapeuticagents (eg, oxaliplatin)and/or targeted therapies (bevacizumab[Avastin]) into the mix makespotential future successes even greater.