Author | David Eagle, MD


What We Can Learn From Our Patients

December 15, 2014

Patient satisfaction data can give practices insight into their operations and make specific, practice-level adjustments accordingly, and with aggregated data we can gain insights into global practice responsiveness and patient perceptions regarding care.

The 340b Drug Discount Program: Oncology's Optical Illusion

November 15, 2013

The historical rationale for the 340b program is a good one: indigent patients do need reliable access to prescription drugs, and entities meeting this need should be supported. However, the evolution of the 340b program has strayed widely from its original intent.

How the Sequester Cuts Are Harming Oncology

May 15, 2013

Now is a critical moment for all involved in caring for cancer patients to engage in this national policy debate; numerous cancer advocacy organizations have already joined the effort to oppose the sequester cuts to oncology drugs.