David G. Mcleod, MD | Authors

Combining Artificial Neural Networks and Transrectal Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

October 01, 2003

Drs. Porter and Crawford carefullyassess the role of artificialneural networks (ANNs)as predictive models of outcomes forinitial prostatic biopsies performed inconjunction with transrectal ultrasound(TRUS). Obviously, the treatmentof prostate cancer rests onestablishing the diagnosis via biopsy,and TRUS-guided core biopsies havebeen the standard of care since Hodgeet al reported the superiority of thistechnique in 1989.[1]

Will Current Clinical Trials Answer the Most Important Questions About Prostate Adenocarcinoma?

August 01, 1997

Thompson and Seay have attempted to provide a concise overview of the treatment of both localized and metastatic prostate cancer. Also, they have listed most of the current clinical trials focusing on these issues, along with two current trials addressing the prevention of the disease. There is certainly no getting away from the fact that, even with the plethora of publications dealing with prostate cancer (1,643 in 1994 alone, as the authors point out), there are major gaps in our fund of knowledge about this disease entity.