Dennis C. Shrieve, MD, PhD | Authors

Medulloblastoma: Molecular Classifications and Prognostic Associations

November 15, 2012

Of particular relevance for clinicians is the possible recommendation of omitting concurrent chemotherapy with CSI in adults, due to the lower marrow reserves and overall lack of data for clear efficacy of concurrent chemotherapy in adults. Additional refinement of these therapeutic regimens for adult medulloblastoma awaits further advances in both the molecular prognostic associations for these tumors and the potentially exciting development of targeted therapies for specific molecular subtypes.

Commentary (Loeffler/Shrieve): An Overview of Radiotherapy Trials for the Treatment of Brain Metastases

November 01, 1995

Each year more than 100,000 cancer patients in the United States develop brain metastases [1]. Of these, the majority will have either multiple lesions or uncontrolled primary or metastatic disease [2-4]. The treatment and care of patients with brain metastases remains a serious health-care problem. The article by Berk is a comprehensive review of completed or ongoing clinical trials worldwide evaluating the role of radiotherapy in the treatment of patients with brain metastases.