Eddie K. Abdalla, MD | Authors

Defining the Role of Hepatic Arterial Infusion Chemotherapy in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

May 01, 2004

In their article, Drs. Whisenant andVenook review data regarding thevalue of hepatic arterial infusion(HAI) chemotherapy for hepatic colorectalmetastases. In fact, their analysisreveals the absence of anymaterial progress in HAI therapy sincethe first reports of continuous infusionof chemotherapy through the hepaticartery.[1] During the sameperiod, there has been dramatic improvementin hepatic imaging, outcomefrom hepatic resection, systemicchemotherapy, and survival followingtreatment of hepatic colorectalmetastases. Failure of HAI therapy toadvance in parallel with other treatmentsfor liver metastases-whetherused prior to or after resection, or asdefinitive treatment for unresectabledisease apparently confined to the liver-suggests a limited role for HAItherapy in this disease. Several pointswarrant discussion.