Franco De Cian, MD | Authors

Pemetrexed in Gastric Cancer

November 02, 2004

Gastric cancer is a major clinical challenge, with poor overall prognosisand limited life expectancy for patients with advanced disease.Even with surgery and other modalities, palliation is often difficult.Improvement of response rates has evolved with the development ofstandard regimens and those incorporating newer chemotherapy agents,such as oral fluoropyrimidines, the taxanes, camptothecins, novel platinums(eg, oxaliplatin [Eloxatin]), and antifolates (eg, pemetrexed[Alimta]). Ongoing trials with these regimens aim toward improvingsurvival, as well as improving the safety profile. It is hoped that in conjunctionwith molecular research in the pathogenesis of gastric cancerand development of targeted therapies in this disease, these trial datamight lead to the evolution of treatment strategies that could prove effective.