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Commentary (Baraboutis/Noskin): Management of Health-Care–Associated Infections in the Oncology Patient

March 01, 2003

Drs. Guinan, McGuckin, andNowell have nicely reviewedthe risk factors associatedwith increased susceptibility to hospital-acquired infection in oncologypatients and also discussed preventivesteps to attenuate those risks.We agree that patients with malignanciespresent a challenge to thehealth-care provider, as infection willdevelop at some point in almost allcancer patients[1] and may be associatedwith significant mortality.[2]

Current Issues in the Treatment of Resistant Bloodstream Infections

August 01, 2000

Bloodstream infections cause significant morbidity and mortality for patients with hematologic malignancy. Antimicrobial drugs are the most reliable currently available treatment for infection, but several issues must be

Changing Patterns of Infections and Antimicrobial Susceptibilities

August 01, 2000

Nosocomial bloodstream infections across the United States and in Europe are increasingly attributable to gram-positive species- a trend that represents a reversal of the gram-negative predominance of the previous