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Fraudulent Interpretation of Lab Results

April 01, 2007

In this edition, we offer an example of how clinicians and patients can be fooled and/or injured by fraudulent healthcare practitioners and their services. The clinical care team must be sure that the references it provides to patients are safe and reliable. Keep a list of reliable references and a list of those practitioners and services/treatments that should be avoided. Maintain an open door policy with your patients designed to encourage questions and exchange such information.

Patient Denied Coverage for 2nd Reconstruction

February 01, 2007

This month, we offer an example of persistence by the patient and her family resulting in a reversal of coverage denial.

Clinical Care Teams Help Get Coverage After Denials

October 01, 2006

the impact the clinical care team can have on the outcome of a health plan's decision to cover a service or treatment

When a Support System Falls Apart

September 01, 2006

This case study illustrates some of the off-treatment issues your patients may face when their coping support system is inadequate. Some of the psychological effects cancer patients deal with do not manifest until years after treatment is completed.