Helmuth Goepfert, MD | Authors

Does Neck Stage Predict Local Control After Irradiation for Head and Neck Cancer?

March 01, 1996

The paper by Mendenhall et al addresses a very debatable issue, ie, the influence of nodal stage on local control for head and neck carcinomas treated by radiotherapy. The paper is well written and appropriately referenced, and the authors fairly conclude that, based on currently available data, nodal stage has no clear impact on the probability of primary local control after radiotherapy.

Commentary (Goepfert/Elting/Martin): Inclusion of Comorbidity in a Staging System for Head and Neck Cancer

September 01, 1995

Dr. Piccirillo presents an interesting concept. Although the knowledge that comorbidity and severity of symptoms have a bearing on the prognosis of a patient with cancer is not new, the attempt to measure this influence and include it into a reproducible staging system is commendable.