James A. Martenson, Jr, MD | Authors

Combined Radiation and Chemotherapy for Carcinoma of the Anal Canal

March 01, 1998

Sphincter-preserving treatment with combined radiation and chemotherapy has replaced abdominoperineal resection as the standard of care for patients with carcinoma of the anal canal. Randomized studies have shown

Infusional Chemoradiation for Operable Rectal Cancer: Post-, Pre-, or Nonoperative Management?

March 01, 1997

In 1994, the results of a randomized intergroup trial coordinated by the North Central Cancer Treatment Group (NCCTG 86-47-51) indicated that protracted fluorouracil (5-FU) infusion during postoperative adjuvant radiation therapy results in

Multidisciplinary Management of Resectable Rectal Cancer

November 01, 1996

In his excellent, thorough review of the current status of multidisciplinary treatment for rectal cancer, Dr. Minsky appropriately emphasizes the role that data from prospective clinical trials have played in providing the foundation for adjuvant therapy for patients with this disease. The principal therapeutic options discussed by Dr. Minsky are preoperative therapy and postoperative therapy.