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Commentary (Konner/Abu-Rustum): Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer

November 03, 2005

The review by Vergote et al[1]presents a well-organized andcomprehensive summary of thedata addressing neoadjuvant chemotherapyfor ovarian cancer. The timingof debulking surgery for thisdisease is a common and clinicallyimportant question, but one that lacksdefinitive trial data. The assembleddata suggest a rationale for decisionmaking.The European Organizationfor Research and Treatment of Cancer(EORTC) and Gynecologic OncologyGroup (GOG) 152 trialspresent compelling evidence supportinga “maximal surgical effort” by anexperienced gynecologic surgeon,preferably at a specialty hospital, atsome point during primary therapy.

Pancreatic Cancer: Epidemiology, Genetics, and Approaches to Screening

December 01, 2002

Pancreatic cancer is a leading cause of cancer-related mortality. Treatment has limited efficacy, and 5-year survival rates remain less than 5%. Insights from epidemiology and discoveries in molecular genetics have laid