Jeffrey J. Olson, MD, FACS | Authors

Commentary (Olson): Extended Transbasal Approach to Skull Base Tumors

June 01, 2005

In this manuscript, Drs. Chandlerand Silva describe the extendedtransbasal approach as a modificationof the commonly used frontoorbitalcraniotomy, which maximizesanterior skull base exposure whileminimizing brain retraction. This conceptis now in its ninth decade, havingbeen described by Frazier inrudimentary form in 1913.[1] The approachwas subsequently reported ina more formalized fashion in the Europeanliterature by Derome and thenexpanded upon by various surgeonsin the United States.[2-4]

Considerations in the Diagnosis and Management of Brain Metastases

September 01, 2001

Brain metastases are a common complication of systemic cancer and a significant cause of morbidity. For patients whose brain metastases remain untreated, the prognosis is poor. The advent of contrast-enhanced magnetic