Jennie Webb-wright, MD | Authors

The Pharmacologic Management of Cancer Pain

October 01, 2004

Dr. Cherny’s article on the managementof cancer pain is acomprehensive review thatshould prove to be a helpful resource.As physicians in a palliative care andoncology program, we discuss howwe utilize these principles and whatwe see put into practice by others.Cherny and Catane have already documentedthat the great majority ofoncologists do a substantial amountof palliative care, whether they call itthat or not, and that most oncologistswould be willing to work with palliativecare or symptom managementspecialists.[1] Knowledge is only onepart of the solution, and must be pairedwith better practice by health-care professionalsand help from our patients.Articles like this will only help if oncologistspay attention.