Jerry L. Barker, Jr, MD | Authors

Commentary (Barker/Garden): The Multidisciplinary Management of Paragangliomas of the Head and Neck

August 01, 2003

We have reviewed with interestthe article by Drs. Huand Persky and would liketo congratulate them on an excellentand comprehensive overview of theevaluation and management ofparagangliomas of the head and neck.Their review begins with an excellentlydetailed description of thedisease and staging work-up. Withmodern imaging, most paragangliomasare convincingly diagnosed basedon typical location (carotid bifurcation,nodose ganglia of the vagusnerve, middle ear along tympanic plexus,or near jugular bulb) and characteristicradiographic appearance(hypervascular, intensely enhancingmass). A tissue diagnosis is usuallyunnecessary for such lesions.