Jonathan Sussman, MD | Authors

Breast Cancer: New Radiation Treatment Options

November 01, 2004

Six published randomized trials[1-6] and one meta-analysis[7] of published and unpublishedtrials have demonstrated thatbreast-conserving therapy (breast-conservingsurgery plus breast irradiation)is equivalent to mastectomy interms of survival. As a result, breastconservingtherapy is the option preferredby many women for thetreatment of early-stage breast cancer.[8] Breast irradiation followingbreast-conserving surgery is an integralpart of breast-conserving therapy.There are seven other publishedrandomized trials demonstrating thatbreast irradiation substantially reducesthe rate of local recurrence andprevents the need for subsequent mastectomy.[9-15] A recent meta-analysisalso supports the conclusion that breastcancer patients who receive breast irradiationhave improved survival.[16]