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Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Operable Breast Cancer

July 01, 2002

Preoperative therapy delivers treatment at the earliest time in a tumor’s natural history. Is it beneficial or harmful? Should it be undertaken? The article by Drs. Green and Hortobagyi brings most aspects of neoadjuvant therapy under one umbrella and poses several key questions.

Interaction of Tamoxifen's Impact on Overall Net Mortality and Quality of Life

February 01, 1997

Tamoxifen has well-documented activity in reducing breast cancer mortality. In addition, it has several secondary

Benefits of Tamoxifen Outweigh Endometrial Cancer Risk

November 01, 1996

An expert panel of nine international cancer researchers and practicing oncologists met in Boston to discuss the past, present, and future uses of antiestrogens in the treatment of breast cancer. The first article in this series, based on the symposium presentations, focused on the optimal duration of tamoxifen use (October 1996). This month, the panel explores the noncancer benefits of tamoxifen, as well as the potential risk of endometrial cancer. The symposium was sponsored by Zeneca Pharmaceuticals.