Author | Joseph A. Sparano, MD


Translating the TCGA Breast Cancer Results Into Clinical Practice: Searching for Therapeutic Clues

December 15, 2013

TCGA’s efforts to dissect the genomic complexity found in breast cancer patients represents only the beginning of a journey toward better understanding of the intricacy of the events that lead to this disease. Additional efforts are required to provide tailored and effective therapeutic interventions.

Breast Cancer Patients Who Are Obese at Diagnosis: Alea Iacta Est? or "Is the Die Cast?"

October 12, 2011

Obesity rates in the United States have increased twofold in adults and threefold in children during the past 30 years.[1] Beyond its detrimental effects on cardiovascular health, obesity increases the risk of several cancers, including postmenopausal breast cancer,[2] and it is also associated with a higher risk of recurrence and death in those who develop breast cancer.[3]

Gene Expression Assays for Breast Cancer

August 31, 2011

Cancer Network speaks with Dr. Joseph Sparano, Professor of Medicine and Women’s Health at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine and Associate Chairman of the Department of Oncology at Montefiore Medical Center in New York, about the session he will chair at the ASCO Breast Symposium on September 8-10, in San Francisco.