June Corry, MD | Authors

Commentary (Corry et al): The Role of Neck Dissection Following Definitive Chemoradiation

July 01, 2004

In this issue of ONCOLOGY, Kutleret al eloquently address the concept,application, and controversiesof a planned neck dissection inpatients with head and neck carcinomaand nodal metastasis who receivenonsurgical therapy to the primary tumor.As stated lucidly in the article,planned neck dissection arose in thehistorical context of low rates of completeresponse in patients with N2/3neck disease treated with conventionallyfractionated radiotherapy, coupledwith low surgical salvage ratesamong patients who failed in the neck.Hence, the concept evolved that allpatients with N2/3 neck disease shouldundergo a planned neck dissection regardlessof response to radiotherapy.