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Adjuvant 5-FU/Folinic Acid and Gemcitabine Equally Effective in Pancreatic Cancer

October 20, 2010

In a large study of resected pancreatic cancer, overall survival did not differ whether patients received gemcitabine or 5-FU/folinic acid.

Early palliative care improves quality of life in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer

October 20, 2010

In these patients with substantial symptoms and short life expectancy, there's no reason to delay delivery of palliative care.

Study supports earlier colon cancer screening for men, but not African Americans

September 01, 2010

Male sex, but not race, predicted colon polyp prevalence, suggesting that African Americans may not benefi t from earlier screening.

Should ADT be part of care for all patients with intermediate-risk prostate cancer?

March 23, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO-Studies show improved outcomes when androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) is part of the care for men with intermediate-risk prostate cancer, said Mack Roach III, MD, taking the “pro” side of a debate on the issue. But “con” speaker Arul Mahadevan, MD, argued that the studies in question included mostly high-risk patients, and that monotherapy is effective in intermediate-risk patients.

Should advanced ovarian ca patients in CCR be offered maintenance therapy?

January 02, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO-In a debate session at the 2008 Oncology Congress, neither speaker advocated maintenance therapy as the standard of care in patients with advanced ovarian cancer who achieve a complete clinical remission. But the “pro” speaker, Thomas J. Herzog, MD, of Columbia University Medical Center in New York, argued that the evidence in favor of maintenance therapy is strong enough that it should be discussed with these patients as an option, while the “con” speaker, Robert L. Coleman, MD, of Houston’s M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, called the evidence “premature.”

Is IP chemotherapy the standard of care for small-volume residual ovarian cancer?

December 01, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO-The “preponderance of the evidence” supports intraperitoneal chemotherapy as the preferred treatment for small-volume residual ovarian cancer after surgical debulking, Robert S. Mannel, MD, said at a debate session of the 2008 Oncology Congress. J. Tate Thigpen, MD, who took the con side of the debate, argued that IP chemotherapy remains experimental because of flaws in the design of the three major trials of IP therapy and its “formidable toxicity.”

Is concurrent chemotherapy/IMRT too toxic and dangerous for use in H&N cancer?

October 01, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO-In a recent debate, both speakers agreed that IMRT with concurrent chemotherapy is toxic in patients with head and neck cancer, but disagreed on whether the risk/benefit ratio justifies its use. The event was held at the 2008 International Conference on Head and Neck Cancer, sponsored by the American Head & Neck Society.

An editor says farewell

August 02, 2008

After 17 years, I am stepping down as editor of Oncology News International to enjoy a long-awaited retirement. When ONI was first introduced back in 1991, it represented a new concept in cancer news publications-rather than simply summarizing journal articles, we actually attended meetings all over the country and reported the results of major presentations.

NELSON trial sails on toward final results in 2015

June 02, 2008

CHICAGO-Baseline and second-round screening results from the Dutch-Belgian NELSON randomized CT lung screening trial show a low rate of positive tests: 2.6% on baseline screening and 1.8% on second-round screening. This could make low-dose CT screening “more acceptable to the public and suitable for mass screening programs,” said Rob J. van Klaveren, MD, PhD, of Erasmus Medical College, Rotterdam. Dr. van Klaveren reported the results at ASCO 2008 (abstract 1508).

ONI remembers Judah Folkman, founder of angiogenesis

February 01, 2008

On January 14, Dr. Judah Folkman, founder of the field of angiogenesis, died unexpectedly at age 74 in Denver, while en route to Vancouver for a lecture. Dr. Folkman was founder and director of the Vascular Biology Program at Children's Hospital, Boston, and professor of pediatric surgery and cell biology at Harvard.